Videos & Lesson Plan

The following is a list of lesson plans to be used in class by the teacher. These are not complete videos. The teacher is expected to pause the videos at appropriate points and generate a discussion.

Alor Pathajatri – A compilation of profiles of teachers from Bengali films (For teachers)

Anger and Stress Management – Presentation with audio-visual effects (For teachers)

Archimedes Principle – A lesson plan on Archimedes Principle using clippings from the animation film UP and other educational films. It is an integrated teaching module touching upon science, history, mythology and craft.(For middle school)

Being Human in Modern Times – A lesson plan on Life Skills using clippings from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (For middle and high school)

Bhalo Khao Bhalo Thako – A lesson plan, using film clippings, on good eating habits. It has an accompanying trainers’ manual

CCE – PPT presentation of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (For teachers)

Child Centric Education – Special focus on constructivism comparing with behavioristic approach.(For teachers)

Cinema in the Classroom – PPT of constructivism using cinema in the classroom.(For teachers)

Five Senses – Short animation videos on the sense organs (For primary school)

Happy Friendship Day – Exploring relationship issues using short films from different countries which explore different aspects of relationship like acceptance, responsibility, loyalty, commitment to a cause, relations with animals (For middle and senior school)

Home Sweet Home – To build awareness about the environment and earth as our home using examples of homes of different animals through story telling, film clippings, activities like musical chairs and colouring activities  (For primary school)

Kolkata : As projected in Bengali films over the decades – A montage done on the occasion of 60th Anniversary celebration of  Modern High School (General)

Magical World of Books – Exploring the stresses of the education system and how we could change things ( For teachers through film viewing, discussions and worksheets)

Merrily Myriad – An appreciation for the need of bio diversity using an animation film Anders Artig, a card game to demonstrate effects of losing our biodiversity, clips from Life on earth series (For primary and middle school)

My Family – Videos on family values, with accompanying lesson plans (For primary school)

My Garden – Video on different plants in one’s home garden (For primary school)

NCF 2005 – A PPT presentation with video inserts on the National Curriculum Framework (For teachers)

Quest Seekers – Exploring the fantasy world of quest seekers from early explorers to Harry Potter to bhaag Milka Bhaag using a PPT, film clips, quiz, and project work on making your own quest (For primary school)

Run Forrest Run – Lesson plan on Lifeskills using sequences of Forrest Gump (For middle school)

RTE – Presentation of different aspect of RTE specially Section 29 (For teachers)

Simple Machines – A lesson plan on PPT using clippings from Home Alone 1(For middle school)

The Power of Networking – A lesson plan on winning communication skills using clippings of Band Baaja Baarat (For students of media and management)

Understanding Patriotism – A lesson plan based on Rang De Basanti, where the students watch excerpts, discuss among themselves re examine their ideas of patriotism.  This workshop may be conducted in schools on the eve of Independence Day. Besides Rang De Basanti, excerpts from Swadesh may also be screened and relevant writings of Subhash Chandra Bose and other national leaders may also be read out.(For high school)

Water, Water Everywhere – Experiencing water through sound, visuals and simple activities; showing film clippings on rain, water cycle, river systems and rainwater harvesting (For middle and senior school)

Waste  Window – Short film on waste management (For all)

What a Wonderful World – Developing an understanding of the interdependence of life through a PPT, animation films about relations with animals, nature ramble and games (For middle and senior school)

The films in the Bichitra Pathshala video library have been sourced from:

– Children’s Film Society of India
– Prix Jeunesse Foundation
– Central Institute of Educational Technology
– Centre for Science & Environment
– Akhra
– Seagull PeaceWorks
– Save the Children
– Comet Media Foundation
– Bengali, Hindi and English DVDs available commercially

These are a mix of feature length fiction films, short fiction films, documentaries, films made by students during a workshop and educational films.