Bichitra Pathshala welcomes memberships of people from all walks of life. Our current membership  comprises of teachers, film editors, educationists, film actors and schools.

To become a member, please write to us :

Membership open to all teachers, educationists, schools and other educational institutions.

Membership categories

  • Annual member (Annual membership fee Rs.700/- with Rs. 100/ admission fee)
  • Life member (Life membership fee Rs. 5000/- with Rs. 100/- admission fee)
  • Student member (Student membership fee Rs. 400/- with Rs. 100/- admission fee)
  • Institutional member (Institutional membership fee Rs. 3000/- with Rs. 100/- admission fee)

Membership renewal

An individual or an institution may apply for membership at any time of the year. The membership will be due for renewal after one calendar year.

Facilities for all members:

  • Borrowing of DVDs from our DVD library (Maximum 3 DVDs may be borrowed for a period of 15 days)
  • Borrowing of old issues of Teacher Plus, NCERT books, other books and journals on education
  • Attend Bichitra Pathshala programmes
  • Participate in workshops for teachers and students
  • Receive expert help and technical guidance in using film clippings in the classroom
  • Receive guidance in developing lesson plans


Facilities for institutional members:

  • Workshops on request for the institute
  • Film screenings and mini fests specifically for the institute
  • All institutional members are eligible to get two complementary workshops, each of half day duration.


The films in the Bichitra Pathshala video library have been sourced from:

  • Children’s Film Society of India
  • Prix Jeunesse Foundation
  • Central Institute of Educational Technology
  • NASA
  • Centre for Science & Environment
  • Akhra
  • Seagull PeaceWorks
  • Save the Children
  • Comet Media Foundation
  • Bengali, Hindi and English DVDs available commercially

These are a mix of feature length fiction films, short fiction films, documentaries, films made by students during a workshop and educational films.