Bichitra Pathshala organises a number of events in collaboration with different stakeholders. You may download a list of events conducted by Bichitra Pathshala.

  • The National Education Policy (2020) of India urges for integration of art with learning. The current issue of Magic of Learning presents some avant garde initiatives of integrating art with education across school subjects. Bichitra Pathshala with its endeavour to marry education with films and moving images can rightfully claim its place in such initiatives. Magic of Learning, an e-magazine of Bichitra Pathshala, talks about these aspects in the December issue. Happy reading!
    Magic of Learning e magazine Vol 1 No 2
  • Magic of Learning, an e-magazine of Bichitra Pathshala, aspires to create a space for sharing and exchanging of ideas amongst creative professionals interested in learning teaching at the school level. This issue of Magic of Learning brings to us stories of inspiration from innovative teachers creating magic in their online classrooms. . Here is the 1st Volume of the magazine. Happy reading!
    Magic of Learning e magazine Vol 1 No 1
  • The e brochure (Volume 6) of Magic of my School conducted by Bichitra Pathshala and supported by INTACH and Manzilat. Happy reading.
    Magic of my School Brochure 6
  • The e brochure (Volume 4) of Magic of my School conducted by Bichitra Pathshala and supported by INTACH and Manzilat. Happy reading.
    Magic of my School Brochure 4
  • The e brochure (Volume 3) of Magic of my School conducted by Bichitra Pathshala and supported by INTACH and Manzilat. Happy reading.
    Magic of My School brochure vol 3
  • The e brochure (Volume 2) of Magic of my School conducted by Bichitra Pathshala and supported by INTACH and Manzilat. Happy reading.
    Magic of My School e brochure Vol 2
  • Bichitra Pathshala organized a five days summer camp, ‘Trees’, with the students of Disha Foundation to get them excited about trees and their importance in our lives. Here is the detailed report:
    Download Tree – summercamp report
  • Like every year the orientation programme of Earth Reel 2019 was held at iLEAD auditorium on the 24th of April, 2019. This year the theme is ‘Protect our species’. Earth Reel 2019 is being jointly organized by Bichitra Pathshala, Earth Day Network and iLEAD.
    Click the link to know more about the Orientation programme:
    Earth Reel 2019 orientation programme report
  • Kolkata schools are weaving magic through the history project, “The Magic of my School” initiated by Bichitra Pathshala in collaboration with Jadunath Bhavan Museum & Resource, Kolkata.
    Click on this link to know more:
  • Cinema in the Classroom workshop was held at the APL Global School in Chennai on December 6,7 and 8, 2018. It was a huge success with 38 participants from 18 schools. Dr. V.R Revathy, Assistant Professor, Department of Media Sciences, Anna University co-ordinated the workshop and got the participants registered through the CEOs of various districts.
    Subha Das Mollick conducted the ice breaking session, the session on “Pedagogy of the Moving Image” and the interactive screening session with children. 18 students of Class VIII attended this session. A Malayalam film “Come Enjoy the Nectar” was screened. The screening was followed by a group activity with magnifying glasses and tiny prints of Mughal Miniature paintings.
    Sharmistha Bhattacharya conducted the sessions on “Comparison between auditory input and audio visual input:”,  “Story boarding” and “Assessment and evaluation”.
    The most popular sessions were the technical sessions conducted by Shubham Paul. They learnt to use the Windows Movie Maker, learnt to use their own voice and put it in the time line, add text and music and export the lesson plan for use in the classroom.

    On the final day of the workshop teachers presented 18 lesson plans created by them. The workshop concluded with awarding of certificates and announcements of Phase 2 and 3 of the programme. Here are some snaps from the event:

  • Cinema in the Classroom workshop held at Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan in Visakhapatnam on November 9, 10 and 11, 2018. Jointly organized by Vigyan Prasar, Bichitra Pathshala and Kathakshetra. Twenty-nine teachers from different schools participated in the workshop and learnt to create teaching learning designs using film clippings.
  • Cinema in the Classroom workshop
  • Please check out the films made by school students on “Plastic Pollution”. Click on the link below.
  • The Earth Reel Film Making Workshop was held from the 21st to 26th of May, 2018 at Sakhawat memorial Girls Government High School, Kolkata. The workshop was supported by Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany. Here is the report attached.
    Film Making Workshop report
  • After the popularity of the “Water” workshop conducted by Bichitra Pathshala in March this year, Disha Foundation requested a similar workshop on the same theme with about 35 children during the summer break from 21st to 25th of May, 2018. Here are some pictures alongwith the report.
    Report on water workshop from 21-25 May 2018
  • The mockumentary “The Majestic Plastic Bag” set the tone for the day. An audience of 100 plus, constituting teachers and students from Kolkata schools watched with great amusement the fate of a plastic bag from the departmental store to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Amusement turned to alarm as the film informed the audience that eight million tons of plastic are drained into the ocean every year.
    To read more download the report of the Earth Reel Orientation Programme held at iLEAD Auditorium, Kolkata on the 20th of April, 2018. Here is a glimpse of the event.
  • Bichitra Pathshala conducted a New Year meeting cum get together with all its members on the 3rd of January, 2018 at Nehru Children’s Museum. Few candid moments from the meeting alongwith the minutes.
    Minutes of 3rd January, 2018 meeting
  • A unique workshop was conducted by Bichitra Pathshala in association with Vigyan Prasar. the workshop was titled “Cinema in the Classroom: Learning Science through Films”. Five institutions hosted the workshop in five different districts. A competition on Teaching-Learning designs was held at Birla Industrial & Technological Museum on 25th March, 2018 where 21 teachers participated.
    Cinema in the Classroom a pictorial report
  • Bichitra Pathshala in association with Vigyan Prasar and Ahead Initiatives conducted a workshop at Kalchini district, Alipurduar as a part of the project “Cinema in the Classroom”. Primary and High school teachers were the participants. Shri Apurba Roy, Panchayat Samiti Education Officer, Shri Rajat Ranjan Ghosh, School Inspector, Kalchini Block and Shri Prem Lama, Education Secretary, Kalchini Panchayat Samiti encouraged the participants with their presence on the workshop days.
    Download the Kalchini Workshop 2017 Report
  • Bichitra Pathshala initiated the “Learning with Moving Images” lesson plan competition in the year 2014, with a view to create a platform for teachers to share their expertise, experience and innovations, so that they could get inspired by each other’s work and experience. Since its year of inception, the programme “Learning with Moving Images” has been hosted by Birla Industrial & Technological Musuem. This year there was a remarkable increase in the number of participants, so much so, that the presentations had to be held in two parallel venues – one for teachers of primary school and the other for teachers of middle and senior school.
    Download the Learning with Moving Images 2017 report
  • The 7th National Science Film Festival was held from 14-18 February 2017 at the BITM, organised jointly by Vigyan Prasar and NCSM; Bichitra Pathshala and several other organisations partnered in the event.
    Download the “Workshop for science teachers” 2017 Report
  • On the 7th of May, 2016, a special workshop was held at iLEAD to acquaint the students with the formats of structuring news capsules and public service announcements. Professionals from the fields of advertising and broadcast journalism engaged the students in brain storming sessions and gave them a glimpse of the professional scenario in their respective fields.
    Download the Earth Reel 2016 Report
  • Navarasa, a festival of short films & short plays was held at the Max Mueller Bhavan auditorium on 14th October 2015. NAVARASA was a collaborative effort of Bichitra Pathshala, Script Productions and Theatrecian. The project also got support from Modern Academy of Continuing Education and Max Mueller Bhavan.
    Download the Navarasa 2015, a festival of short films & short plays Report
  • Bichitra Pathsala’s unique venture to make the young minds learn the art of photography culminated in a three days long grand exhibition, at the Emami Chisel Art. The exhibition held from 27th to 29th of November, 2015 was supported by WWF, Kolkata and was a part of a one-year long project to make the underprivileged children learn the basics of photography so that they could hone their skills and contribute to the field. The project, aptly titled “Creatures in the Concrete Jungle”, sought to sensitize the children to their environment and explore wildlife around them through the viewfinder of the camera. The result of the year long effort was a photo documentation of about fifty species in the concrete jungle of Kolkata. These photographs taken by 150 children who handled the camera for the first time, were displayed over a period of three days.
    Download the “Creatures in the Concrete Jungle” Report (2014-15)
  • Bichitra Pathshala has collaborated with Birla Industrial & Technological Museum to promote technology enabled pedagogy among the teachers in Kolkata. The presentations of “Learning with Moving Images” is a step in that direction. Inspired by an intensive orientation session held at BITM on the 3rd of November, 2014, fourteen teachers and trainee teachers submitted their technology based teaching learning designs by the 15th of January, 2015. The final presentations were held at the BITM Conference Room on February 6 and February 17, 2015. The presentations ranging from topics like ‘action words’ and ‘DNA multiplication’, designed for students of classes ranging from class I to class XII, were made in front of the jury and the entire group of participating teachers.
    Download the “Learning with Moving Images” at BITM Report (2014)
  • Here is a quick round up of some of the selected events organized by Bichitra Pathshala in the year 2011-13.
    Bichitra Pathshala Events 2011-2013 (Click to Download)