Magic of Learning’s, February, 2021 issue addresses the issues faced by the teachers and students during the pandemic. How teaching online in India has been difficult due to frequent power cuts and lack of resources. The most hit were the students from the marginalized families. So, how did the teachers and the students respond to this crisis? What role did the NGOs play in reducing the digital divide? This issue covers all. Happy Reading!

A new Bengali e-magazine “Shikhoner Jadukathi” published by Bichitra Pathshala edited by Mr. Suman Majumdar and Dr. Sreemati Ghosh and co-edited by Mrs. Subha Das Mollick. The January, 2021 edition focuses on using art in education. Happy Reading!

The National Education Policy (2020) of India urges for integration of art with learning. The current issue of Magic of Learning presents some avant garde initiatives of integrating art with education across school subjects. Bichitra Pathshala with its endeavour to marry education with films and moving images can rightfully claim its place in such initiatives. Magic of Learning, an e-magazine of Bichitra Pathshala, talks about these aspects in the December issue. Happy reading!

Magic of Learning, an e-magazine of Bichitra Pathshala, aspires to create a space for sharing and exchanging of ideas amongst creative professionals interested in learning teaching at the school level. This issue of Magic of Learning brings to us stories of inspiration from innovative teachers creating magic in their online classrooms. . Here is the 1st Volume of the magazine. Happy reading!