Iskule Bioscope 2020 Quiz Results

2020 being the year of Satyajit Ray Centenary celebrations, Iskule Bioscope 2020 has been dedicated to activities with works of Satyajit Ray. One of the activities has been a very special Ray Centenary Quiz. The concluding round of this quiz was conducted live on Saturday June 6 on Iskule Bioscope Facebook Page. Here are the results of the first three rounds and the concluding live round.
Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:
The final winners of live quiz:
Bichitra Pathshala also made a crowd sourced film in three parts, titled “Maharaja Tomare Selam”. Here are the links to the three parts:
Iskule Bioscope is a collaborative effort between Bichitra Pathshala and The Sauce Brand Communications. Enjoy the films and leave your comments!

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